Some activities in the archipelago

We, who work with boat charters in the archipelago, now have a great opportunity to go out in the archipelago ourselves and look for nice activities. The booking situation is cautious right now and it shows in a nice way that we all must help out to keep Covid 19 in check. At a time when there are less bookings we usually work with Sealife and keep up the maintenance, continuous review etc. It’s great fun – but every day for several weeks ,,,? Well, maybe not ?. So we decided to spend a few days in the archipelago and test a couple of activities.

You who follow us know that we have some favorites in the archipelago. One of them is Hönö-Klåva. Here we moor Sealife in the middle of the main quay, with a wonderful view towards Vinga and out to sea. On the quay, people stroll in the fine spring sun and most people stop and talk a little. We talk about boat charters, Sealife, quarantine and the nice weather. We always feel welcome at Hönö-Klåva!

After all, walking is the ultimate way to experience the place you are. When we are at Hönö we like to walk across the bridge to Fotö and walk around the whole island. A very nice island, with lovely houses and a nice harbour. Absolutely worth a visit!

Right near the quay at Hönö-Klåva we found Paolos Bicycle Shop, which among other things rent out bicycles. This was a Monday, a day when the shop normally is closed, but we got hold of Paolo and he arranged a couple of bikes for us. Good service ?! The bikes were 3-geared, with a basket on the handlebars and very comfortably.

It is something special to get up on a bike. Some childhood memories come to mind. But surely it is a fantastic invention! By a relatively small effort, you get really far and you are out in the fresh air!

We cycled in the alleys on the south side of Hönö, towards the ferry location and on to Öckerö harbour. It is great roads to ride a bike, lots of road signs and it feels safe and good. North of Öckerö you’ll find Hälsö – a real gem! We cycled around the fine alleyways, talked to people living there and just stood and enjoyed this unique environment. So nice and cozy. It also was nice to stop at Aleks Café!

Most of the islands in the archipelago have nature paths, hiking trails and walking trails. They are usually panned to take you around the island, over rocks and stones and through the forest you’ll find on the island. Always very nice! We set off with Sealife and went to Björkö, where there are nice hiking trails.

A short walk from the harbour, the hiking trails starts. Here you just choose the length and level of difficulty. Just read the signs! We chosed the one that is just over 10 kilometers and we walked for about 2 hours. So nice! The trail showed how beautiful Björkö is. We walked along the sea, through slopes filled with wood anemones and up on the high mountains on the northern part of the island.

Well, this was a few activities in the archipelago! There are many more and we will help you combine bat charter with some activities!

Contact us and we’ll plan for your experience!

Lena & Peter


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