Some activities in the archipelago

We, who work with boat charters in the archipelago, now have a great opportunity to go out in the archipelago ourselves and look for nice activities. The booking situation is cautious right now and it shows in a nice way that we all must help out to keep Covid 19 in check. At a time when there are less bookings we usually work with Sealife and keep up the maintenance, continuous review etc. It’s great fun – but every day for several weeks ,,,? Well, maybe not ?. So we decided to spend a few days in the archipelago and test a couple of activities.

You who follow us know that we have some favorites in the archipelago. One of them is Hönö-Klåva. Here we moor Sealife in the middle of the main quay, with a wonderful view towards Vinga and out to sea. On the quay, people stroll in the fine spring sun and most people stop and talk a little. We talk about boat charters, Sealife, quarantine and the nice weather. We always feel welcome at Hönö-Klåva!

After all, walking is the ultimate way to experience the place you are. When we are at Hönö we like to walk across the bridge to Fotö and walk around the whole island. A very nice island, with lovely houses and a nice harbour. Absolutely worth a visit!

Right near the quay at Hönö-Klåva we found Paolos Bicycle Shop, which among other things rent out bicycles. This was a Monday, a day when the shop normally is closed, but we got hold of Paolo and he arranged a couple of bikes for us. Good service ?! The bikes were 3-geared, with a basket on the handlebars and very comfortably.

It is something special to get up on a bike. Some childhood memories come to mind. But surely it is a fantastic invention! By a relatively small effort, you get really far and you are out in the fresh air!

We cycled in the alleys on the south side of Hönö, towards the ferry location and on to Öckerö harbour. It is great roads to ride a bike, lots of road signs and it feels safe and good. North of Öckerö you’ll find Hälsö – a real gem! We cycled around the fine alleyways, talked to people living there and just stood and enjoyed this unique environment. So nice and cozy. It also was nice to stop at Aleks Café!

Most of the islands in the archipelago have nature paths, hiking trails and walking trails. They are usually panned to take you around the island, over rocks and stones and through the forest you’ll find on the island. Always very nice! We set off with Sealife and went to Björkö, where there are nice hiking trails.

A short walk from the harbour, the hiking trails starts. Here you just choose the length and level of difficulty. Just read the signs! We chosed the one that is just over 10 kilometers and we walked for about 2 hours. So nice! The trail showed how beautiful Björkö is. We walked along the sea, through slopes filled with wood anemones and up on the high mountains on the northern part of the island.

Well, this was a few activities in the archipelago! There are many more and we will help you combine bat charter with some activities!

Contact us and we’ll plan for your experience!

Lena & Peter


Yacht cruise in the northen archipelago of Gothenburg

There are many sites to visit when you do a yacht cruise in the northen archipelago of Gothenburg. Källö-Knippla is one of them. The island is very popular amongst locals, having their own boat. It’s not so easy to get there by your own, it’ll take long time and you have to go by buses and ferrys. The absolute best way to get there is going with us!

A few days ago we had guests from a company here in Gothenburg who wanted to celebrate that summer is coming. We talked about options and they decided that they wanted to cruise to Källö-Knippla. The weather was amazing so the fly-bridge was the natural choice to sit. Sealife cruised among the small islands and narrow sounds in 8 knots. A perfect speed when you want to experience the archipelago of Gothenburg.

1,5 hours later we moored in the harbour of Källö-Knippla. Some of the guests had a swim in the salty water, some stayed and had a beer in the sun. Sitting up on the fly-bridge allows you to get a perfect view of the picturesque island. The red fishemans cottages, boats coming and going, people having bbq on the piers kids having a bath. What can be better? We asked the guests if we can show some pictures from their cruise and that was ok.

It was time for a swim! On the outside of the pier it’s magic to throw yourself into the water. It’s so clear and fresh, a bit cold (18 degrees Celsius), but really worth it! In the mean time the crew prepared the 3 course dinner, served on the after deck.  Coffe and desert was served on the fly-bridge.

It’s so great to be able to show you the life in the archipelago. It’s a unique environment right outside Gothenburg. When you book a yacht cruise in the northen archipelago of Gothenburg, this is what you’ll experience!

Welcome onboard!


Yacht in Gothenburg archipelago

Midsummer, vedding-vibes, herring on a plate, yacht in Gothenburg archipelago and friends. Sound marvellous, doesn’t it! We had the great pleasure to cruise the yacht in Gothenburg archipelago with a couple who celebrated their 30th anniversary as married. Sealife was filled with joy, happiness and expectations of a great cruise in the Gothenburg archipelago.

In mid January, Lena received a call about a cruise in the archipelago at Midsummer. I mean, we were in the middle of winter and were asked to start preparing a trip on one of the most swedish days, midsummer! What a joy it brought to us! Annelie and Johan got married 30 years ago in Wienna and wanted to celebrate this with their best friends, who also were their witnesses at the wedding. During the spring we’ve planned and talked a lot about this cruise. We really wanted it to be perfect! This day, midsummer, is famous for showing up all kinds of weather at the same time! So we’ve been talking to the weather boss, and really asked for good weather.

The guests spent 3 hours om Sealife and had a traditional Herring lunch on the after deck. The islands showed their best side of themselfes, piers, fishermens-cottages, calm weather and sun! When the guests had their lunch the panoramic view was amazing. The islands of Donsö, Vrångö, Kårholmen and many more. And in the west they had the great sea stretching to the horizon.

We asked the guests if we could show you some pictures, and that was ok. 

Imagine ending this yacht cruise in the Gothenburg archipelago with a strawberry cake! It tasted so good! How do I know that,,,, well we had some with the guests as well.

Contact us and we’ll plan a yacht cruise in the Gothenburg archipelago.


Cocktail cruise Gothenburg archipelago

To be honest this might have been the best cruise we’ve done – a cocktail cruise in the Gothenburg archipelago! No waves, very light wind and the sun kept us warm. 12 guests, from all over the world were onboard Sealife and enjoyed the evening.

During a convent here in Gothenburg a company decided to skip the ordinary evening dinner with their customers. Instead they went out for an evening cocktail cruise in Gothenburg archipelago. All the guests gathered on the fly-bridge, picked from the cocktail snacks that was served and enjoyed some sparkling wine. Being up there on the fly-bridge, leaving the Gothenburg harbour is so beautiful. The skyline of Eriksberg and Gothenburg city is amazing! 15 minutes later we’re in the archipelago, enjoying the view. Sailing boats, slowly stretching out in the calm winds, birds fishing and the islands rising up from the water.

On this cruise we served dinner: Fresh potato salad, oven coocked lime and ginger salmon, season salad and bread that we’ve baked on Sealife. The guests were seated on the afterdeck and in the salon, enjoying the food. Some wine was served while the guest experienced the magnificent view! Slowly we cruised in the narrow sounds around Styrsö and Brännö, talking about the great history from this area.

Among the best reviews you can get, is when the guests do not want to leave the ship after we’ve moored! It happened today, so the taxis just had to wait. The organizer of the cruise wrote a review on Google for us – “Yes, you should book Sealife! We went out on Sealife to enjoy the archipelago in June and everyone had a wonderful time! We had a group of business executives who were in Gothenburg for a conference and this was a very unique and classy experience. Lena and Peter ensured that everything was top-notch!

Pre-event communication was professional, quick and helpful. They adapted the menu to suit our event – the food was delicious! They really took great care of all the guests, we even had blankets available on the top deck!

If I ever host an event in Gothenburg again, I will definitely reach out to Lena and Peter and highly recommend you check out Sealife!”

You are welcome to contact us to cruise Gothenburg archielago!

Vedding in Gothenburg archipelago

Yesterday we had a lovely cruise – a wedding at Vinga, the lighthouse Island. It’s very popular to have vedding in the Gothenburg archipelago. We love being close to the sea and the archipelago. It’s a part of our heritage. Sealife was full of expectant wedding guests on the way out of Hönö-Klåva. Our captain, Josef, cruised between the islands around the Halleskären. The area is really nice and it is a good choice when the wind blows and there are some waves. Sealife weighing over 35 tons pair the waves in the best way, so no sea sick guests here!

Once at Vinga, we got help from Ulla and Kenneth, who belong to Winga’s Friends, with the mooring. They work ideally to keep Vinga alive and in good condition! The wedding guests walked up to the lighthouse where the bride and the priest waited. After an hour everybody was toasting in champagne aboard the Sealife and the guests ate from the “Kalte Platte”. The couple who were married were wonderfully happy!

Summer is a great time to be out on the sea and weddings at Vinga are amazing! Please contact us and we will arrange for a nice trip for you too! Why not let us arrange your vedding in the Gothenburg archipelago!