Freedom is found at sea

From the city center to the ocean’s depths.

The islands outside the coast of Gothenburg spread out like a row of pearls from Vrångö in the south to Rörö in the north.  The archipelago has a fascinating history stretching from the stone ages, through the period of the Vikings and through to the era of farming and fishing.  Today the islands are very much about fishing and leisure and as such they are very accessible with ferry traffic crossing the various channels on a regular basis.

Boat life is very prominent along the coastal region and with private boats it is possible to discover the many small secluded islets hidden away between the islands.  Here you will come close to this inspiring nature and in Sweden we have right of public access along the coastal regions, ensuring that  this area is open to everyone.

With a rich animal and marine life, including seals and porpoises, seabirds and of course fish and shellfish, the coastline offers a constantly varying experience of nature. In early summer it is time for the mackerel to play in the coastal waters and feed on the herrings.  It is always an adventure to cast out the fishing lines and try your luck with these powerful fish.  Some store the mackerel to be used later in the autumn as bait for the oceans gold – crayfish.

The possibilities to meet with nature are endless, kayaking, diving around shipwrecks or why not just discovering the nooks and crannies of the amazing landscape in a rubber dinghy.