Sealife is the ship of oppurtunities! Book your event and activities with us, Gothenburg Coast Charter!

Boat charter to the island Källö-Knippla

Boat charter in the archipelago is a wonderful experience. Being on your “own” yacht, makes it possible for you to reach islands that are not so accessable. The island Källö-Knippla is one of our favourites in the northern archipelago of Gothenburg. When you book this charter we offer you 1 extra charter hour for free (5 instead of 4 hours) also a 3 course meal is included, served on the island Källö-Knippla and we will give you a guided tour during the cruise.

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Full day boat charter

Book a full day boat charter in the archipelago! Gothenburg’s archipelago consists of many beautiful islands, like a pearl band in the coastline. In the south we find islands like Brännö, Styrsö, Vrångö and Donsö while Hönö, Öckerö, Björkö and Källö-Knippla are in the north. On board Sealife you can spend a whole day enjoying the archipelago!

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Christmas dinner on the yacht Sealife

Experience the Swedish tradition – Christmas Dinner – onboard the yacht Sealife! In this unique environment you’ll be able to see Gothenburg Skyline from the seaside and also eat from the smorgasbord.

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