Yacht charter to the island Källö-Knippla

3 course meal included, 1 extra hour at sea for free and we will guide you on the cruise!

Boat charter in the archipelago is a wonderful experience. Being on a yacht, makes it possible for you to reach islands that are not so accessable. The island Källö-Knippla is one of our favourites in the northern archipelago of Gothenburg. When you book this charter we offer you 1 extra charter hour for free (5 instead of 4 hours) also a dessert is included when you book dinner, all served on the island Källö-Knippla.


You’ll do a cruise for about 1,5 hour on your way to Källö-Knippla. On the way we’ll serve some cocktail snacks (On the house). You’ll pass through Kalvsund and Björkö before we moor att Källö-Knippla. When we’ve arrived you can have a walk around the southern part of the island. Enjoy the fishermens cottages and the narrow streets between the houses. When the walk is done dinner is served on the after deck. After dinner, we’ll cruise back to Gothenburg.

Price: Ship rental 24,000 SEK (25,440 SEK ink. VAT). Max. no. of passengers 12. Departure and arrival Eriksberg, Gothenburg City.

What’s included: The Captain and Lena and Peter as crew, 1 extra cruising hour (Value 5,500/5,830 SEK), we guide you during the cruise, cocktail snacks, water, tea, coffee, fruit, Wi-fi onboard, Insurance, diesel and harbor fees.

What’s added: Dinner/Lunch and Beverages.