Boat charter in the archipelago – A boat charter to remember

Going out on a boat charter in the archipelago will be a memory for life for many! A boat charter helps to realize the thoughts we all have about the sea and the archipelago. We all have a relationship with the archipelago and everything that is out there, but also many of us do not get there.

When you book a boat charter with us at Sealife, you have the opportunity to take up to 12 of your closest friends with you. On board Sealife, there is always a crew of three people taking care of you. The safety of a boat charter is always high and we have a review before we start, so that you feel safe with us and Sealife. After a review, it is normal that we pour a glass of sparkling (Or non-alcoholic) and then you pick off the presented picking dishes when you sit nicely on the fly-bridge.

What is a boat charter without a little guidance from the crew ?! Of course we tell stories and tales about what you see and experience in the archipelago. The archipelago is full of wonderful stories far, far back in time. These are Vikings on Brännö, big fishermen outside Vinga, pirates down on Vrångö and much more.

Boat charter and the crew is watchin
On a boat charter we always have a look up

Really good with this type of charter is that you are involved and influence the route and your own experience thereby. Before each boat charter, we talk through almost every detail with you, so that you feel confident and that together we ensure that the conditions exist that your charter will be exactly as you want it. Then we will always try to maximize your experience further.

We have a kitchen, or galley as it is called on the sea, which is about 1.5 m2. We cook all food here with inspiration from the sea. Each charter is usually in the way that you book something to eat. We can serve 3-course meals, buffets, seafood in drifts, a nice charcuterie board or why not a Shrimp sandwich model larger. We are flexible and always talk to you. Feel free to look at our menu where we give examples of what we serve. Click here

Do not hesitate to contact us for a boat charter in the Gothenburg archipelago. It will be a memory for life!


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