Cruise Gothenburg archipelago

We got a call a few weks ago – “We are 11 persons who wants to cruise Gothenburg archipelago! Can you arrange a nice cruise, serve some good food and show us around in the archipelago?” Wow, this guy really hit the spot – that’s what we do!

So we discussed what he would like to experience, what kind of food he wanted us to serve and the date was set. The cruise went up to the northern part of the Gothenburg archipelago. The scenery is a bit different here, compared to the southern part. It feels a little bit wilder here, even though many people lives on the islands Öckerö, Björkö and Hönö (the letter Ö in Swedish can be translated to Island). The sun was shining and all went up to the flybridge, having some cocktail snacks and a glas of sparkling wine. We spent 1,5 hours cruising, telling stories and serving the guests before we moored at Hönö-Klåva.

This island is a real beauty. The fishing cottages are present round the harbour, some restaurants and a lot of fishing boats coming and going. Also, sitting in the after-deck, looking south, you’ll see the famous lighthouse Vinga!

Time for something to eat! The Westcoast buffé was presented in the salon. Heering, Sealife’s graved salmon, fresh shrimps, fresh mussels, freshly baked bread (Yes we bake on board!), multiple choise of cheese, dessert and much more. The dinner started with a mussel soup as apetizer!

It’s actually very nice sitting in the afterdeck, eating and socialize. The environment on board, invites to a cozy athmosphere.

Our guests were very pleased with the dinner and the coffe was served as the captain  started up Sealife again, heading back to Gothenburg. We choosed to cruise in the open sea. The sun was preparing for sunset in the west, shining on everyone! An hour later we were back in Gothenburg again.

Todays cruise is a very good example of our popular 4-hour cruise. It’s a good mix of exploring the archipelago, eat a great coastal influenced dinner and visit the islands!

Looking forward having you on board M/Y Sealife!

Guests from California

The season is here! A lot of phone calls and also bookings. it’s great! What we also have found out is that there’s a great interest from abroad. We’ve got guests from America and Europe, taking their vacation to a new level. It feels so good to be able to show the wonderful nature we’ve got just outside Gothenburg.

Just recently we had visitors from California! We spent 5 hours in the archipelago, cruising among the island both in the north archipelago and the south. On this trip we also had a guide onboard. This guy was amazing! He had so many stories to tell about the locals, Gothenburg today and much more. He lives in the archipelago by the way.

Also we’ve discovered – the web page must be updated! It was written some time ago and really needed some improvement. Right now we have spent a few days doing just that. It’s fun doing it, see how new ideas comes alive.

We really hope the site is easy to understand and makes you interested in contact us!

Hope to see you onboard M/Y Sealife!

Cruising the Gothenburg archipelago

What can be more beautiful than do a boat cruise in November! The silence hit you hard when you get out in the archipelago. We dicided to take a few days, explore the silence and the islands north of Gothenburg.

Day 1 – The water was layig flat, it was 2 degrees and a light wind coming from the NE. The engines started perfectly and we cruised away! As always we sit on the fly bridge. The fluting suits keeps us safe and warm during the trip. We decided to go to a place called Klädesholmen. Very well known for it’s heering industry and the restaurant Salt&Sill.This is really a calm, beautiful place. We had a walk on the island, between all the nice houses, laying there tightly packed. So cosy!

Day 2 – Welcome to today! What a day!! The calm sea met us and we sailed off. The plan was to go to Käringön. We cruised through narrow sounds and the open sea. This part of the coast is a favourite. Here you get to see what it’s really about. Its’ narrow, you pass small fishing villages, the open sea is there with you and the nature grrets you in an astonishing way.

We spent a few days on Käringön. A pearl that offers the essence of the archipelago. Just stroll around the old part with all the small fishing cottages, stand on the weat point or just sit down at Petersons Krog (The restaurant) and enjoy the atmoshere and good food. Of course we had to show you the black gold, a Lobster! Something very important on the coast and the taste,,,,,,,,!


We decided to make our way back home to Gothenburg. So we went south again and passed Marstrand, the Mekka of sailing in Sweden. From here you can do as we did, make your way through the Albrektsunds canal. A canal digged by hand. Really an andventure.

Life is wonderful! See you soon again!

Lena & Peter



At 6:30 in the evening the network  “First Q Network Europe” entered the ship Sealife at Långedrag harbour. The network came from a lot of different countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Irland, Netherlands, Finland and Sweden. It was a bit windy, but the sun was shining!

Vendace roe on a spoon

We served some sparkling wine and served som Swedish specialities: Vendace roe from Kalix, graved salmon and what we call “Old man’s mix”, a mix of ansjovis, potatoes, egg, red onion and more. It was highly appreciated when we served som swedish specialities!

Captain Josef steered Sealife in a safe way through the southern archipelago.In some parts we had the wind in our back, then the fly bridge was full and the cameras came up! It felt like the real summer! On the island Vrångö we served the Sealife buffé i 4 parts. Some more Swedish specialities.

Toast with fresh schrimps, heering and salmon mousse

Heering with brown butter, toast with fresh shrimps , Sealife’s fish soup with mussels from the swedish west coast and a selection of swedish cheese. All was served with good wine, portvine and a cup of rhum to the coffe and cake. The guests really loved the food! The kitchen received a huge applause! They really loved the dinner! The way back to the harbour was spent in the salon. A bit warmer in there!

This cruise was a great succes! We’ve received fantastic feed-back from the guests and we really feel that this was something good!

Now we’re ready for the next experience!



Some pictures from the cruise

Nu drar det ihop sig!

I skrivande stund undrar vi om det verkligen skall bli någon vår med värme och allt som hör till. Det är kyligt och kallt, men lite vårtecken ser vi ändå.

Nu är förberedelserna i full gång inför den första kryssningen med gäster ombord. Det blir 12 internationella gäster. De kommer från Europas alla hörn, Tyskland, Portugal, Irland, Italien, Frankrike m.fl. En skön blandning människor, som det skall bli fantastiskt kul att få möjlighet att visa vår vackra skärgård för. Under de fyra timmar vi kör kommer vi att spendera tid i den södra skärgården.I området runt Styrsö, Donsö och Vrångö. Hemfärden kommer att bli in i Göteborgs hamn. Det blir spektakulärt!


Gänget har bokat Sealife’s buffé – En buffé i 4 akter. Det blir Matjes, löjrom, fisksoppa, musslor och mycket annat gott. Till detta serveras goda viner. Vi hade en avsmakning för ett tag sedan med goda vänner. Vi var 6 stycken som satt och mumsade i några timmar och provsmakade. Det blev tummen upp på det mesta! Det är härligt att ha goda vänner runtomkring som vill hjälpa till och vågar sig på att äta saker de aldrig provat förut! Tack för det kompisar!