See below the certifications held by Gothenburg Coast Charter so that our guests may always feel secure in our company.

Alcoholic beverages license

Sealife holds a license to serve alcoholic beverages to private parties of no more than 12 people.  The license is valid whether the boat is at sea or docked in a harbor allowing our guests the possibility to enjoy both our food and wines throughout their tour.

Whilst onboard we are happy to serve your requests.  We will discuss your beverage requirements prior to the trip and have excellent suppliers of wine, champagne, beet and liqueurs.  Of course, we are also happy to provide alcohol free alternatives.

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Department of environmental affairs

In accordance with Swedish regulation in order to serve alcohol onboard we must also serve meals. As part of this process we have been inspected by the Department of Environmental affairs. This has included ensuring that we can store our food well chilled and that the kitchen is clean and hygienic. This certification is not so much about preparing good food – but as our guest, we personally guarantee your satisfaction!

Onboard we will serve food inspired by the environment that surrounds us. Please see our menu page for a selection of our menu’s. The drinks we serve will be well suited to our selection of dishes.

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Department of transportation

A process in being allowed to run a charter boat in Sweden is to ‘flag in’ the boat with the Department of Transportation. Even the required number and qualifications of our crew are a part of this process.

Our dream has always been to offer boat charters run under the Swedish flag and it has therefore been important for us to complete this process. Our vessel has a speed certificate D, allowing us to cruise with our guests around all the island of the archipelago and along the entire Swedish coastline.

This certification ensures that we have a high standard of fire safety, emergency routines and equipment and that we run our vessel in the manner of the quality expected.
Quite simply – when cruising with us, you can feel that you are in safe hands!

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In the case of any accident affecting our guests or the vessel, we have insurances that cover most eventualities at sea or onboard the boat.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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