Cruising the Gothenburg archipelago

What can be more beautiful than do a boat cruise in November! The silence hit you hard when you get out in the archipelago. We dicided to take a few days, explore the silence and the islands north of Gothenburg.

Day 1 – The water was layig flat, it was 2 degrees and a light wind coming from the NE. The engines started perfectly and we cruised away! As always we sit on the fly bridge. The fluting suits keeps us safe and warm during the trip. We decided to go to a place called Klädesholmen. Very well known for it’s heering industry and the restaurant Salt&Sill.This is really a calm, beautiful place. We had a walk on the island, between all the nice houses, laying there tightly packed. So cosy!

Day 2 – Welcome to today! What a day!! The calm sea met us and we sailed off. The plan was to go to Käringön. We cruised through narrow sounds and the open sea. This part of the coast is a favourite. Here you get to see what it’s really about. Its’ narrow, you pass small fishing villages, the open sea is there with you and the nature grrets you in an astonishing way.

We spent a few days on Käringön. A pearl that offers the essence of the archipelago. Just stroll around the old part with all the small fishing cottages, stand on the weat point or just sit down at Petersons Krog (The restaurant) and enjoy the atmoshere and good food. Of course we had to show you the black gold, a Lobster! Something very important on the coast and the taste,,,,,,,,!


We decided to make our way back home to Gothenburg. So we went south again and passed Marstrand, the Mekka of sailing in Sweden. From here you can do as we did, make your way through the Albrektsunds canal. A canal digged by hand. Really an andventure.

Life is wonderful! See you soon again!

Lena & Peter


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