Full day cruise to Vrångö


This cruise offers some hours of exhilarant cruising in the archipelago. Gothenburg’s southern archipelago offers beautiful cruising lanes, with the possibility to experience nature up close with her natural sea life and beautiful scenery. During this cruise you will even be able to experience sights of historical significance on the west coast.

Departure: 10am from the Gothenburg harbor and return to the harbor 6pm.

Once outside the rim of the Gothenburg harbor, chances are good that we will meet with seals along the way. They enjoy sunbathing on the rocky islets surrounding the mouth of the harbor. We will call in to several places to see the seals on our way to Vrångö.

The trip out to Vrångö by sea is both beautiful and dramatic. We pass through narrow sounds and channels with islets and rocks right by the boat. A fantastic experience of being close to nature in this striking environment. After passing ‘snobbrännan’ and hearing the history of the islands of Styrsö and Känsö, we anchor for lunch in one of the small secluded bays.

Vrångö has been inhabited since the stone ages and has a fascinating history. Our guide Håkan, will show you around and regale you with stories of pirates, herrings and the mysterious stone formations found on the island. Håkan was born and raised on Vrångö and today tourism to the island is his specialty.

The water is sparkling clear out here so bring along your swimsuits and take a dip before we turn anchor and head back to Gothenburg.

Lunch is served on board Sealife.

We will guide you throughout the tour, and after anchoring at Vrångö and the dinghy is available for your use. The food is prepared onboard with ingredients from local pantries.

Always included with Sealife:

  • The Captain and Lena and Peter as crew
  • Refreshments; water, juice, soft drinks, tea, coffee, fruit.
  • Towels, rubber boat
  • Wifi onboard
  • Insurance diesel and harbor fees

See our homepage under ‘Food & Beverages’ for suggested menus.

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