Full day cruise to Marstrand and Carlstens Fortress

This charter will take you to the center of Swedens sailing community

This charter will take you to the center of Swedens sailing community – Marstrand

Experience the beautiful architecture and scenery which the island is renowned for and learn about the history of Carlstens Fortress with your own personal guide.   Our captain on board Sealife will take us safely through the islets and channels so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful archipelago on the way to Marstrand.

Departure: 10am from the Gothenburg harbor and return to the harbor 6pm.

Today’s charter will take us through the Northern part of the Gothenburg archipelago.  Through narrow sounds and channels, we make our way up towards the island of Marstrand.  Marstrand is famous for several reasons; royalty who have enjoyed spas on the island, it’s role as a central point for the herring fishing industry and of course the stories of the famous Lasse Maja.   Your own private guide will share these stories with you as you make your way up to the central point of Carlstens Fortress.

Marstrand is still a vibrant, living community with cobblestone streets lined with small specialty stores, cosy restaurants and beautiful houses. A pathway winds its way around the entire island making walking access to all points very easy, from the hustle of the harbor to the baron beauty of the rocky coastline in the west.  From this point the view out to Pater Noster is fantastic.

It is easy to fill the day on Marstrand, there is a lot to discover.  Samll boutiques, galleries, cafés and the bubbling boat life.

Lunch will be served on board Sealife.

Just after our departure from marstrand, on the way back towards Gothenburg, we will travel through the hand dug channel, Albrektsund.  The spectacular channel is now approximately 1000 meters long and was completed in 1844.  Its predecessor was built upon orders from King Gustav III between 1776 – 1782.

We will guide you throughout the tour and the dinghy is available for your use.  The food is prepared onboard with ingredients from local pantries.

Always included with Sealife:

  • The Captain and Lena and Peter as crew
  • Refreshments; water, juice, soft drinks, tea, coffee, fruit.
  • Towels, rubber boat
  • Wifi onboard
  • Insurance diesel and harbor fees

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