Klädesholmen – 3 days cruising

Nature, fishing, sauna and gourmet food!

This cruise is for those who want to relax and enjoy life at sea for a few days, with it’s beautiful scenery, natural environment, fishing and sauna- always accompanied by gourmet food on board.

Gothenburg to Åstol and Marstrand

Day 1 – Gothenburg to Vrångö

We begin this cruise with 3- 4 hours at sea. Cruising through islands and skerries, watching out for seals, stopping for a swim and then lunch in one of the coastal bays. After lunch we carry on to Vrångö where the fishing gear is ready for you. It’s time to fish up your evening dinner! As we prepare the catch of the day, the sauna boat is prepared for you to relax and enjoy a sauna while enjoying the serenity of the islands outside the windows.

Day 2: Vrångö to Klädesholmen 25 nautical miles

After a morning swim and a hearty breakfast, we will cast-off towards Klädesholmen. The island is renowned as a fishing island – locally praised as the stronghold for Herring! The history of the island dates back to the 1200’s. On our way there we pass through the archipelago and anchor at Marstrand for lunch. There will be time here for a leisurely walk along the harbor before we continue our cruise to Klädesholmen. A table is booked at Klädesholmen’s well known restaurant Salt & Sill where you can enjoy the oceans delicacies, and don’t forget to try the local herring!

Day 3 – Klädesholmen to Gothenburg 25 nautical miles

When we’re ready we’ll head back to Gothenburg. There is still a lot of beautiful coastline to experience along the way and we’ll find a secluded spot to anchor for lunch, swim and do some fishing. The theme of the day is relaxing and experiencing the beauties and riches of the natural environment around us. We will return to Gothenburg late in the afternoon.

Always included with Sealife:

  • The Captain and
  • Lena and Peter as crew
  • Refreshments; water, juice, soft drinks, tea, coffee, fruit.
  • Towels, rubber boat
  • Wifi onboard
  • Insurance diesel and harbor fees
  • During overnight stays you will even enjoy the luxury of our exclusive bedding, slippers, robes, and toiletries.


Price: Contact us for a quotation on a boat charter.