Boat charter to the island Källö-Knippla

3 course meal included, 1 extra hour at sea for free and we will guide you on the island!

Boat charter in the archipelago is a wonderful experience. Being on your “own” yacht, makes it possible for you to reach islands that are not so accessable. The island Källö-Knippla is one of our favourites in the northern archipelago of Gothenburg. When you book this charter we offer you 1 extra charter hour for free, 5 hours instead of 4 hours, also a 3 course meal served on the island Källö-Knippla and we will give you a guided tour on the island. The offer is valid until September 30th 2019.

Båtcharter till Knippla

You’ll do a cruise for about 1,5 hour on our way to Källö-Knippla. On the way we’ll serve some cocktail snacks (On the house). You’ll pass through Kalvsund and Björkö before we moor att Källö-Knippla. When we’ve arrived let’s have a walk around the southern part of the island. We’ll tell you about it’s history. When the tour is done dinner is served on the after deck. 5 hours later we’ll moor at Eriksberg in Gothenburg city again.

Price: Ship rental 22,000 SEK (23,320 SEK ink. VAT). Max. no. of passengers 12. Departure and arrival Eriksberg, Gothenburg City. What’s included: The Captain and Lena and Peter as crew, 1 extra cruising hour (Value 5,500/5,830 SEK), 3 course meal (Value 470/526 SEK/person) , we guide you, cocktail snacks, water, tea, coffee, fruit, Wi-fi onboard, Insurance, diesel and harbor fees.

What’s added: Beverages.