Smögen – 4 days cruising

For those who want to see and experience the greater archipelago.

This cruise is for those who want to see and experience the greater archipelago. We will cruise between 20 and 30 nautical miles each day, stopping along the way to enjoy local activities and good food. This cruise will give you an unforgettable trip along the west coast archipelago of Bohuslän.

Day 1: Gothenburg – Mollösund. 30 Nautical miles

Mollösund is a wonderful west coast pearl. In days gone by the fish Ling was dried outside in long rows. These characteristic drying racks still stand on the island as a symbol of the past. In the waters surrounding the island, mussels are farmed and we will of course partake of these delicacies. The cruise up to Mollösund will take us through narrow sounds and past beautiful picturesque villages on the coast lines of the islands we pass by.

Day 2: Mollösund to Smögen. 20 nautical miles

The journey to Smögen takes us to the start of Bohuslän county. Smögen is one of the west coats’s most popular coastal communities with its cosy harbor with a Nottinghill feeling where the small fishing sheds are painted in different colours. Here you can wander along the famous Smögen harbor, go shopping, fishing, or why not attend a fish auction on the jetty.

Day 3: Smögen to Käringön. 25 nautical miles

Today we will head south again. We’ll begin cruising through the beautiful Skaftölandet and surrounding fjord, always reminded of this striking environment. We’ll make a short stop at Bassholmen for morning tea and a visit to the little museum. Later in the afternoon we’ll dock at Kärringön and here a table is reserved for you at ‘Pettersons Pub’, a gourmet restaurant far out in the archipelago, known for its fish and seafood dishes.

Day 4: Käringön to Gothenburg. 30 nautical miles

Today we start our journey back out at sea. We’ll follow the coast line, but this time further out, to be able to enjoy the panoramic views of the islands. From this viewpoint it is easier to imagine how it was to navigate this coastal region before the arrival of modern shipping equipment. We’ll stop for lunch at Marstrand and there’ll even be time to wander around the streets and harbor of this lovely island settlement. We round off the day in Gothenburg, arriving back late afternoon.

Always included with Sealife:

  • The Captain and Lena and Peter as crew
  • Refreshments; water, juice, soft drinks, tea, coffee, fruit.
  • Towels, rubber boat
  • Wifi onboard
  • Insurance diesel and harbor fees
  • During overnight stays you will even enjoy the luxury of our exclusive bedding, slippers, robes, and toiletries.


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