At 6:30 in the evening the network  “First Q Network Europe” entered the ship Sealife at Långedrag harbour. The network came from a lot of different countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Irland, Netherlands, Finland and Sweden. It was a bit windy, but the sun was shining!

Vendace roe on a spoon

We served some sparkling wine and served som Swedish specialities: Vendace roe from Kalix, graved salmon and what we call “Old man’s mix”, a mix of ansjovis, potatoes, egg, red onion and more. It was highly appreciated when we served som swedish specialities!

Captain Josef steered Sealife in a safe way through the southern archipelago.In some parts we had the wind in our back, then the fly bridge was full and the cameras came up! It felt like the real summer! On the island Vrångö we served the Sealife buffé i 4 parts. Some more Swedish specialities.

Toast with fresh schrimps, heering and salmon mousse

Heering with brown butter, toast with fresh shrimps , Sealife’s fish soup with mussels from the swedish west coast and a selection of swedish cheese. All was served with good wine, portvine and a cup of rhum to the coffe and cake. The guests really loved the food! The kitchen received a huge applause! They really loved the dinner! The way back to the harbour was spent in the salon. A bit warmer in there!

This cruise was a great succes! We’ve received fantastic feed-back from the guests and we really feel that this was something good!

Now we’re ready for the next experience!



Some pictures from the cruise

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