Vedding in Gothenburg archipelago

Yesterday we had a lovely cruise – a wedding at Vinga, the lighthouse Island. It’s very popular to have vedding in the Gothenburg archipelago. We love being close to the sea and the archipelago. It’s a part of our heritage. Sealife was full of expectant wedding guests on the way out of Hönö-Klåva. Our captain, Josef, cruised between the islands around the Halleskären. The area is really nice and it is a good choice when the wind blows and there are some waves. Sealife weighing over 35 tons pair the waves in the best way, so no sea sick guests here!

Once at Vinga, we got help from Ulla and Kenneth, who belong to Winga’s Friends, with the mooring. They work ideally to keep Vinga alive and in good condition! The wedding guests walked up to the lighthouse where the bride and the priest waited. After an hour everybody was toasting in champagne aboard the Sealife and the guests ate from the “Kalte Platte”. The couple who were married were wonderfully happy!

Summer is a great time to be out on the sea and weddings at Vinga are amazing! Please contact us and we will arrange for a nice trip for you too! Why not let us arrange your vedding in the Gothenburg archipelago!

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