Yacht cruise in the northen archipelago of Gothenburg

There are many sites to visit when you do a yacht cruise in the northen archipelago of Gothenburg. Källö-Knippla is one of them. The island is very popular amongst locals, having their own boat. It’s not so easy to get there by your own, it’ll take long time and you have to go by buses and ferrys. The absolute best way to get there is going with us!

A few days ago we had guests from a company here in Gothenburg who wanted to celebrate that summer is coming. We talked about options and they decided that they wanted to cruise to Källö-Knippla. The weather was amazing so the fly-bridge was the natural choice to sit. Sealife cruised among the small islands and narrow sounds in 8 knots. A perfect speed when you want to experience the archipelago of Gothenburg.

1,5 hours later we moored in the harbour of Källö-Knippla. Some of the guests had a swim in the salty water, some stayed and had a beer in the sun. Sitting up on the fly-bridge allows you to get a perfect view of the picturesque island. The red fishemans cottages, boats coming and going, people having bbq on the piers kids having a bath. What can be better? We asked the guests if we can show some pictures from their cruise and that was ok.

It was time for a swim! On the outside of the pier it’s magic to throw yourself into the water. It’s so clear and fresh, a bit cold (18 degrees Celsius), but really worth it! In the mean time the crew prepared the 3 course dinner, served on the after deck.  Coffe and desert was served on the fly-bridge.

It’s so great to be able to show you the life in the archipelago. It’s a unique environment right outside Gothenburg. When you book a yacht cruise in the northen archipelago of Gothenburg, this is what you’ll experience!

Welcome onboard!


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