Yacht in Gothenburg archipelago

Midsummer, vedding-vibes, herring on a plate, yacht in Gothenburg archipelago and friends. Sound marvellous, doesn’t it! We had the great pleasure to cruise the yacht in Gothenburg archipelago with a couple who celebrated their 30th anniversary as married. Sealife was filled with joy, happiness and expectations of a great cruise in the Gothenburg archipelago.

In mid January, Lena received a call about a cruise in the archipelago at Midsummer. I mean, we were in the middle of winter and were asked to start preparing a trip on one of the most swedish days, midsummer! What a joy it brought to us! Annelie and Johan got married 30 years ago in Wienna and wanted to celebrate this with their best friends, who also were their witnesses at the wedding. During the spring we’ve planned and talked a lot about this cruise. We really wanted it to be perfect! This day, midsummer, is famous for showing up all kinds of weather at the same time! So we’ve been talking to the weather boss, and really asked for good weather.

The guests spent 3 hours om Sealife and had a traditional Herring lunch on the after deck. The islands showed their best side of themselfes, piers, fishermens-cottages, calm weather and sun! When the guests had their lunch the panoramic view was amazing. The islands of Donsö, Vrångö, Kårholmen and many more. And in the west they had the great sea stretching to the horizon.

We asked the guests if we could show you some pictures, and that was ok. 

Imagine ending this yacht cruise in the Gothenburg archipelago with a strawberry cake! It tasted so good! How do I know that,,,, well we had some with the guests as well.

Contact us and we’ll plan a yacht cruise in the Gothenburg archipelago.


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