Old teak deck as new!

Sealife is a beautiful ship, built in 1997. The teak deck has been a good companion for all years. As we all know, the salty sea, rain, wind and shoes all tear down the teak. Also ageing gives the teak a greyish colour. It’s nice with age, but what about give new life to the old deck? The Sealife crew decided to give it a go! Many days of grinding with different machines and close to 50 bits of sandpaper, the deck looks like new. The crew realized soon that they had some muscles that haven’t been used for some time, he he!


The areas where we serve our guests became really as new! We decided that we will not use any oil, just work on her finnish and keep the teak clean. Time will tell, how the result will be!

Enjoy the summer!

Crew on Sealife at sea


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